Barry Smylie has been creating art since 1965, working for 35 years as a printmaker before changing his medium to acrylic painting. He lives in Waterloo, Ontario. This website features Barry's final lithograph collection made between 1984 and 1993.

The Edge is a series of lithographs made over 10 years from 1984 to 1993.
"The Edge'' refers to the edge of the stone. When Barry first began printmaking as an apprentice printer in the studio of the master artist/printmaker, John Snow, he and John printed over the edge of the stone, embossing the paper. Later in his travels as a journeyman printer in the studios of other masters, Barry learned to print within the stone area and over the edge of the paper. No matter if the artist/printmaker prints over the edge or within the edge, the edge of the stone is important. It is the beginning and the end of the art. Throughout The Edge series there are references to the stone and it's shape. 
Shortly after completing The Edge, Barry dismantled his press and put it into storage. He had been working as an artist/printmaker/publisher for 35 years.